Saturday, September 7, 2013

Installing the thefourtheyeEditor - topcoder plugin

thefourtheyeEditor is a very lightweight plugin for Topcoder Arena to participate in Single Round Matches, which can build testcases and lets the users to store the solutions as local files, so that any editor or IDE can be used to edit them. It also maintains the solutions in the directories named as the SRM's display name.


  1. Very lightweight - Only one jar file. It doesn't depend on any other external jar files.
  2. Organized solutions storage - Solutions will be stored as per the SRM names
  3. File based configuration - Configurations are done in contestapplet.conf file. No need to use UI.


  1. Download thefourtheyeEditor plugin (thefourtheyeEditor.jar) from
  2. Open topcoder contest applet and login with your username and password

  3. Select Editor from the Options menu. You 'll see something like this

  4. Click on Add and you 'll get a window like this. Fill in the details as you see in this picture. Actually you can give any name in the Namefield and in ClassPath field, you have to locate the thefourtheyeEditor.jar file using Browse button. EntryPoint must be exactly the same as thefourtheyeEditor.Main.

  5. Once these steps are done, the Editor preferences page will look like this

  6. Click on Save button and close that window. That's it. Installation is complete :)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Ubuntu bug related to network and power

Last week, I faced this weird problem. When my laptop is not connected to a power source (not on battery), I could not connect to LAN network with my LAN cable, but Wi-Fi worked fine. I struggled a lot for a week and then I found a solution in the internet.

All you have to do is to execute this one liner in your terminal.

echo on > /sys/class/net/eth1/device/power/control
Here eth1 corresponds to my second ethernet interface. It might vary from machine to machine. And if the directories eth, device and power dont exist, you might have to manually create them.